Meet Amobi Okugo, Sports Ambassador

Amobi Okugo

When our firm works with professional athletes, Amobi Okugo serves as an integral resource to assist us in providing comprehensive tax services. We believe that providing the best tax advice to athletes involves understanding not only their current situation but their entire career trajectory and goals. Athletes are in a unique situation because their playing career, for most, provide a limited window to monetize their earnings. As such, it’s vital for tax counsel to understand the unique circumstances confronting professional athletes to be able to provide the most effective tax counsel. As a former world class professional athlete, Amobi provides the communication bridge so that our law firm can provide a holistic approach to this specialized client base.

For over a decade, Amobi has played 200+ competitive matches across multiple teams including Philadelphia, Orlando, Kansas City, Portland, Austin Bold, and the USMNT Youth Teams including the 2012 Olympic Qualifying Team. During his professional career, Amobi was fortunate to win various accolades for his talent, representing his teammates as a Team Captain and Player Representative, successfully negotiating improved player rights, and winning trophies in the process such as the Open Cup Champion (2015), Western Conference Winners (2017), Copa de Tejas (2019) and others.

After his professional soccer ended, Amobi has pursued other passions. He founded a financial literacy platform called a Frugal Athlete, a business development/strategy service called Serve Consulting, and a non-profit organization called OK U Go Foundation. Amobi also serves on the board of the Armstead Academic Project, a non-profit organization of San Francisco 49’er Arik Armstead. For more information, see